A product that gives you a competitive advantage!

Optipath Systems is excited to launch Smart QR Codes for real estate agents. Finally, a way to get you even more leads with Open Houses. So, what is a Smart QR Code and how can it be an advantage for real estate agents? Let’s get started.

What is a Smart QR Code?

A Smart QR Code is a QR code that can point to any website or landing page and the destination can be changed at any time.

What is the difference between a simple QR code and a Smart QR Code?

Once a simple QR code is programmed for a website that destination cannot be changed. With a Smart QR Code the destination can always be changed.

How is this useful for a real estate agent?

A real estate agent can put a Smart QR Code on an Open House sign and each time the real estate agent goes to a different Open House, they can assign the Open House to a particular listing.

If you have 3 Open House signs in different locations around the listing, each Open house sign could have a unique Smart QR Code so you can even track which Open House sign is working better for you. You can then place the signs accordingly during the next Open House.

How can I attract more clients?

When a potential client is walking or driving by, they can easily scan the Smart QR Code and are given a teaser of the listing with the basic information and are prompted to give either their email or cell number to receive the PDF of the listing.

When the client receives the listing your contact details are in the client’s phone! They will be able to review the listing and contact you at their convenience. If they don’t have time to stop by the Open House, they can reach out when it’s more convenient for them.

Immediate lead information to the agent!

As soon as the potential client requests the listing, you, the agent, are emailed and texted the details of the listing and the lead’s contact information!

With a little automation you can impress the potential client even more!

You can:

  • Add the lead to your CRM (contact list)
  • Schedule a phone or video appointment with a live calendar synced to your calendar
  • Send a follow up email automatically a few days later and add them to a drip campaign
  • Create follow up tasks
  • The possibilities are endless!

Is it complicated to set up?

Not at all. With Optipath Systems, we are a full-service business automation company serving real estate agents. We either bring or send you the Smart QR Codes. We will set up your landing pages along with your listings and any automation behind the scenes.

You, the real estate agent, just need to sign up, tell us about your listings and we will do the rest.


PS Click on the two links or Smart QR Codes and see the different ways you can engage with your audience!