Below is a typical offer we have at Optipath Systems when we get started with a new client. We always try to measure costs of processes and show ROI potential to justify the investment in improving a process. Feel free to call me and we can discuss how this could be a fit for your company or someone you know.

Before improving a process, it is important to analyse and measure it. Who is involved? What does each person do? How long does it take for each task and the entire process? And how much does it really cost you? In dollars of course, but also in customer satisfaction (everyone loves quick responses) and sometimes in potential sales or sales lost (if response time is too slow).

Results Speak Volumes!

Below is an example of the email components in a sales process and the potential savings through minor modifications and Business Process Automation (BPA). This is a potential savings of $7,800 per year for very little effort on your part!

Together, we will choose a process and first document each step, software used, people involved. We’ll then make a calculator just for you to measure the time and dollar cost for the process as is.

We’ll also make recommendations and show potential savings and extra efficiencies as well as extra dollars to be made with LESS work for your team!

We can of course help you with implementing the next steps or help your team implement the improvements.

Can you or someone on your team jump on a quick 14 minute call this week to explore? Here is a link to my calendar.



Back in 1999, my business language school in Paris had a small account with a very large client (EDF – Gas & Electricity Supplier). We had around 15 individual language contracts and needed to do regular reporting on objectives and progress. Our reports were almost instantaneous after the instructor gave us the information.

The HR manager at the time asked us: “How do you do this so fast? Your biggest competitor takes up to 6 months to do the same thing?” She didn’t even wait for my answer before offering our company to take over all of the competitors’ clients! Yes, we went from 15 to around 200 new contracts in a very small period! We made her job easier, she impressed her boss, and she loved us for it!

The solution we had was a process and application I built to centralize data and automate different parts for different role players. Everyone loved using the system because it saved time, was always consistent and user friendly. This project was the first success in “Business Process Automation” (BPA) before it was even a term.

For those who are curious about the application “tech stack”, it was MS Access as the front end, SQL server on the back end, lots of VB/VBA scripting, Word merge and RDP. It was also linked to our website with Coldfusion for certain self-serve features.

If you would like my company Optipath Systems help you and your team win more clients, make your employees happier and increase your ROI, please contact me and we can start the conversation.

With every business I have owned, managed, or consulted one common theme has always come up:

“Scaling a business is not easy, but if done right, it can reap amazing rewards for everyone involved.”

Scaling or making a business more efficient can:

  • save money,
  • increase ROI,
  • reduce human errors,
  • look more professional than the competition and,
  • add job value to existing employees.

This is the reason I started Optipath Systems, and this is its primary focus: “Business Process Automation” (BPA) and process consulting. Please contact me and see how Optipath Systems can help you grow.