Optipath: The most favourable path for your
business’ success.
noun | op·ti·path | /ˌäp-ti-paTH/
Optipath Systems provides technology services in sales, marketing, and operations.


Our services will help your company run efficiently and keep you ahead of the competition.

Business Automation: streamlining your business

Business automation is technology-enabled automation that streamlines repetitive tasks and makes your business run more efficiently, improving service delivery, and reducing overhead costs.  It increases productivity, giving employees time for higher value work.

With business automation your business will be utilizing technologies that are cutting edge and with Optipath Systems, we will work with you to find ways to stay ahead of your competition, designing a system that is unique to your needs and wants.

Engaging websites and e-commerce

We believe every professional should have an active, engaging website as well as a form of ecommerce! With Optipath Systems we will help you engage with potential clients as well as loyal clients and use your website as a hub to help people work better with you.

Smart QR codes: engaging with your audience!

Smart QR codes are a system using QR codes to engage with your audience. A classic QR code will only bring someone to the front door of your website; A Smart QR code system starts a dialogue, sends & collects information for you and your audience. Ask about our new Smart QR codes to engage in your industry!


Below are some of our preferred apps we use when integrating into your business to give you a leading edge. From tasks and workflows to apps and systems, build and automate anything.

Official Business Automation partner with Make

Optipath Systems has recently become a “Make Partner”, solidifying its place in the Business Automation field. The possibilities of connecting apps, automating tasks & saving you time are endless.

“From tasks and workflows to apps and systems, build and automate anything in one powerful visual platform.”

See Make


I very often get compliments on my website & my business cards from clients. Shawn always does a great job and understands my needs.

Peja, Business owner

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